My name is Katrina Stradford. I'm the owner and operator of non-profit Women and Children United Against Violence,Inc. located in Youngstown, Oh.

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                                    By Katrina Stradford

                                    ISBN: 9780557246113

Description: If your suffering from chronic emotional pain, misunderstandings, aggression, personality disorder, deviant behavior, diabetes, high blood pressure, mental illness, and physical illness than this book is a great fit for you. The intention was to give an offering that would benefit the quality of your life for years to come. I’ve developed a useful tool that makes learning about the self all the more enjoyable. This book comes from an emotional standpoint about the development of a cell. Have you ever wondered how and why you function completely as a whole? or why you behave in a particular way? Well learn about the Personality Traits and Types which are the root to your design. Listed are the 7 stages of design for a single cell. Gain insight of your soul today. 

Anti-Childhood Bullying Book


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We are now selling shirts for those interested in supporting our organization. We have them available in all sizes. Please support our movement and buy an Anti-bullying Shirt.



Finding the Soul: Uncracking the Personality Code and Understanding the Basic's to your Design


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Anti-Bullying Shirt

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                                                     By: Katrina Stradford, Catherine Stradford and Passion Stradford

                                                     ISBN: 9781634528955

Description: This book gives an in-depth look at childhood bullying from a structural point of view. This is done to enable educators, parents, students and those who are victimized by negative behavior to look from a different lens and understand the reasoning behind the behavior. In my opinion, childhood bullying can be the foreground which sets the stage for sexism, racism, stereotypes, prejudices, domestic violence, sexual deviance, gangs and cult behaviors to exist in people’s way of life. It’s time to break from behind the wall of the unknown and see how ideas shape the mind early on.

We wish to offer our program Anti-Childhood Bullying to the youth, but we do not have adequate funding. All help is very much welcome. The program is 2wks long. We will provide the youth with useful tools to combat childhood bullying.

Your contributions will go towards supplies, packets, bags, certificates, shirts and other supportive needs for the youth.

We are taking the initiative to stand up and stop this growing problem but we need your help. Lets work together and thanks for reading.

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