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Women and Children United Against Violence was founded in 2010 by Katrina Stradford. The inspiration for starting the organization came one day when her daughter was assaulted by a group of neighborhood girls. Her daughter was not damaged physically from the incident but as a mom it hurt her spirit to think a group of girls would purposely target her daughter for no reason. Mrs. Stradford, herself, had prided herself for being a great role model within the community.

Mrs. Stradford didn't allow the event to distort her opinion of others but paid attention to the signs  she was given to help others. She turned a negative into a positive and didn't let the actions go unnoticed. She said, "It was as if a higher power was attempting to get my attention".

To put an end to the current epidemic of violence she went through rigorous training and conducted endless research just to be able to reach the youth beyond the knowledge she already had known.

Katrina Stradford is also a self-published author of more than 3 books whose life work is based on the Development of the Soul. She is giving the youth an in depth look at their design and giving them the power to choose constructively a better choice other than what they know. All are welcome to be a part of this positive chain reaction.

Women and Children United Against Violence is a non-profit organization with a mission to help the youth deal with their negative emotions and find a better alternative to the common distractions they face daily within their lives. A friend of hers once said, “The youth are our future and we need to embrace them and give them the tools they need to become successful adults”.


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