Prestina Y. Little-Goldsmith

Sept 3, 1981- Aug 27, 2015

One of our first Meet and Greets held Sept 2012. We were trying to figure out, the roles we were going to play in the organization. All the women had a deep passion for the children and a unique story to share of loss, pain, and triumph to help the children to heal.

Tender Beginnings

Inspiration- Prestina Y. Little-Goldsmith

Youth Services

Prestina's life was cut short a week before her 34th Birthday. Rather than conducting a celebration of life, the family had to prepare to attend a funeral.

Prestina was one of the founding members of the organization and the youngest sister of Katrina M. Stradford. Prestina made sure that her big sis made it to every meeting and continued pushing to make this world a better place for little boys and girls. She is forever missed and loved.